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Vengeful Loner – Short Film

In a future world where the government could not contain the COVID-19. They activated Project KCO which is an operation where everyone with the virus had to be terminated.


Written & Directed by Sjoerd Witteveen

Joey Blangé as Norman Cooper

Produced by Teun Ruitenberg & Sophie Golbach

Director of Photography: Harm Koekkoek

Production designer: Freek Besselink

First Assistant Director: Philip Ledeboer

Casting: Shitij Ramkisoen

Music: Karim Philip

Editor: Harm Koekkoek

Graphics & VFX: Tim Wijnholt

Illustrator: Jaap Hulst



Norman Cooper: Joey Blangé

Intercom interrogator voice: Niels Nijsmans

Michael Smith (man in caravan): Bart Fluit

Voice of Michael Smith: Philip Ledeboer

Radio host voice: Marlieke Koekkoek



Sound recording: Shitij Ramkisoen & Jelte Bergwerff

Sound mixing: Shitij Ramkisoen & Harm Koekkoek

Hair, make-up and costumes: Sophie Golbach

Location scouting: Freek besselink

Lighting: Harm Koekkoek

Camera assistance: Jelte Bergwerff & Luuk Wolters

Coloring: Harm Koekkoek

Props: Sjoerd Witteveen & Freek Besselink

Catering: Sophie Golbach & Maria Westenberg

Car owner: Bart Fluit


Song: “Psycho Killer” from The Talking Heads


SPECIAL THANKS Dutch Filmers Academy, Teswood BV, Budgetcam, Marco Witteveen, Lenie Tervoort, Isabel van den Bos, Aniek Barbier, Co Stelling, Jeroen de Wit

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